Embedded indexing tools allow indexing codes to be embedded in the electronic text of a book or file, and allow the index's locators to be updated as the text changes.


Text rolls from page to page in electronic files. An index entry embedded near the word "The" on page 4 (in the above example) will wind up on page 5 (in the following example) if the purple picture is deleted. Because the codes flow with the text, the index can be regenerated at any time to match new text arrangements.


Indexers must work in the same files as the publishers. Wright Information has expertise in FrameMaker, Structured Frame, InDesign, PageMaker and Microsoft Word. XML is spoken here.

InDesign embedded codes:


InDesign's codes are invisible until you open up the Index palette or the Index Marker dialog box. Framemaker's codes are invisible unless you use IxGen, Emdex, or the structured XML window. Word's codes can have their visibility switched on or off.

Word's embedded codes:


Each embedded indexing module has its own characteristics, coding mechanisms, and foibles. Some can import and export text with indexing intact; some cannot. Contact Wright Information if you need to know the characteristics of the layout program you are using for planned projects. We can recommend processes that work with each program.

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