• Web indexing software aids in building HTML web indexes. Wright Information uses a variety of proprietary tools as needed by the client to build metadata sets, Web-based indexes, and compiled scripted Web indexes. More and more web sites are including an A-Z index to help users find information. These indexes will not link to every document on a web site, but rather to portal pages. By portal pages, we mean a page that is the main location for a governmental department, or the lead-in page for a body of knowledge. By linking to portals, the web index does not need to track ever-changing documents, and can survive the updating that is necessary for web site information.

  • An example of a portal page on this web site would be “Software.” As you can see on the right side of this page, “Software” is the main page that leads to the rest of these smaller pages about types of software. By linking the index to the “Software” page, we are free to add content or remove content under that portal, knowing that the portal page’s links will provide the next step for a reader in their browsing.

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