Many indexers charge solely by the per-page method. Each indexable page in a manuscript, if it has text or illustrations on it, is included. At Wright Information, per-page fees can be arranged for manuscripts in final page proofs or PDFs. The amount charged per page is figured by the depth of the material (complex or beginning levels) and by the size of the pages (large vs. small page size).

In order to be billed at a simple per-page rate, a client should submit sample pages for evaluation. These pages must come from an interior chapter of a book, not introductory material.

A simple per-page rate only covers indexing a book that has its final page breaks set. In other words, if a book changes after being handed off for indexing, additional fees will be negotiated for incorporating those changes into the index. This is due to the amount of extra work entailed in re-evaluating the new or changed material against the existing indexing, and updating all page references to match. Simple page number increments are easy to accomplish when a book's pagination is off, or divider pages were inserted throwing off the page numbers. Often, however, pages roll by only a few paragraphs or sentences, or throw the book off in half pages, and this kind of page number updating requires checking each entry on the affected pages. Additional fees are charged for updating the indexing when these changes happen.

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